Thursday, August 18, 2011

My top 5 favorite make up brands

1. I love AVON. I've used them from the first time I started wearing make :) they have great colors and their products last a long time

2. My new all time favorite is URBAN DECAY. I went into ULTA and played with some of the URBAN DECAY make up and fell in love! They have awesome eyeshadows and lip glosses. MY FAV IS THE POCKET ROCKET IN JAMES.

3. Ragdolls beauty and bath! i have found them facebook and ordered their breaking dawn eyeshadow series and i loved them. their colors rock and i will always buy from them

4. I like the lip pens from TART they go on great and leave your lips feeling like a little slice of pie. :)

5. Hard Candy- i picked some up from wal mart when they first came out and i like to pick up different things that they have and try them.

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