Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"this is Halloween" Ragdolls bath and beauty

First I would like to say that I love Ragdolls bath and beauty! They have a wide range of colors and I find them very pretty.

I was sent their new Halloween collection for review and I was so excited when I got it :)
The collection is inspired by the nightmare before Christmas. I personally love this movie

The collection includes 5 matte eyeshadows :
In the dead of night
Oogie boogie
What's this?
Pumpkin king

And one new glitter called lock, shock and barrel.

These colors are so pretty I love them.

Nightmare is a deep black it's awesome I will be mixing it with some of their cherry poppin red for Halloween

In the dead of night- is a true blue. It reminds me of the sky when it's getting dark

Oogie boogie- yes this is a green but it's awesome. I have never in my life worn a deep green like this one and guess what I loved it. I put alittle of their toxic waste in the Corner of my eye lids and and looks so pretty together.

What's this?- is a purple and it's pretty by itself

Pumpkin king- just like it sounds it's an orange color. Reminds me of fall, pumpkins and thanksgiving ( Mmm now I want pumpkin pie)

Lock,shock and barrel is a loose glitter safe for your eyes and it's super sparkly mixed with silver reds and more

If you've never bought make up from online that isn't some high dollar name brand I suggest you check out Ragdolls bath and beauty! You will not be disappointed! Look them up

- hugs and Awesome sparkly lip gloss - Dezzy

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